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Corporate culture

Enterprise culture is the enterprise to solve the problem of survival and development, and the formation of the formation of the members of the organization that is effective and shared, and follow the basic beliefs and cognitive. Corporate culture em

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Shanghai Yongyi Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

In developed countries, the athletes will choose some sports nutrition to help improve their performance to keep the state. But few people know it at home. Sports nutrition is a daily dietary supplement. Some species can also be used as an auxiliary treatment of injuries.

Sports nutrition health products with rational and perceptual

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Yong Yi biological

The development of company can’t be separated from the staff, and the progress of company can’t be separated from culture. Company culture is the soul and centripetal force of the company. Adhering to the management concept of "people-oriented, green and healthy", Yongyi fosters peak performance, enhancing the comprehensive ability of each employee, so that each employee can realize their life dream and value in the stage of Yongyi.